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Beth Israel

We offer a warm welcome and a nurturing home to all

who seek a meaningful and enduring connection to Judaism.

Our Vision

Today Judaism is facing a host of challenges and one of the profound challenges is that the synagogue is becoming less relevant in people’s lives, especially in younger generations. The greatest challenge that all synagogues are facing is how to ‘reinvent’ themselves to maintain their relevancy. Our Beth Israel community is up to this challenge and will continue its rich legacy of looking forward.

We are pursuing an evolution of our philosophy and definition of a 21st century synagogue. A synagogue is not an end in and of itself but a means to transform ourselves, our community and our world by how we live each day. As a community we need to support and encourage each other in our journeys of faith as we travel this path together. And a synagogue should be a place that seeks to awaken our spiritual sides with dynamic and creative religious experiences.

Fundamentally the mission is to bring holiness into the world through acts of Tikun Olam (repairing the world), and Derech Eretz (common decency and respecting others). It is our responsibility to prepare a place in the world for God’s presence; this is an active process of spiritual transformation. A synagogue needs to welcome everyone who is interested in a Jewish community that is inclusive, engaging and spiritually meaningful. We come together to support each other as we travel this path together.

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