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Wine Toasting

Sisterhood of
Beth Israel

The Sisterhood of Beth Israel recognizes the role it plays in

educating our members and developing leaders through its rich programming.

Our Mission Statement

Unite and strengthen the women of our synagogue and our community.


Support our congregation, youth, and religious school.


Provide enriching Jewish education for our congregation and our future leaders.


Strengthen our membership through Z’havah, our younger members group.

Reinforce our members’ bonds with Israel and Jews worldwide.


​Sisterhood Activities Include

​          Baking


          Book Club


          High Holy Day Oneg and Extended Kiddush


          After Service Onegs and Kiddush Throughout the Year

          Closing Dinner


          Yearly Obligation to the Synagogue


          Gift Shop


          Educational Programs & Classes (Pearl Endy Adult Education Fund)

          Mahjongg and Social Events


          Mitzvah Meal and Other Tikun Olam Programs

For more information about Sisterhood or if you would like to get involved,

please contact us at

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