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Interfaith Action Community

Sharing our faiths and traditions with our

Chester County friends and neighbors.

Interfaith Action Community


The Interfaith Action Community is a group of congregations and faith communities coming together to educate each other on our faith traditions, learn about our similarities, celebrate the differences, and to cooperate on religious action project such as on homelessness in our community, alleviating hunger, etc.


These are several faith based organizations participating, including Beth Israel Congregation, Islamic Society of Chester County, St. Elizabeth Catholic Church, Hari Om Mandir (Hindu), St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, St. Matthew’s Lutheran Church, St. Paul’s United Church of Christ, Downingtown Friends Quaker Meeting and Lionville YMCA.


Our Mission Statement

The mission of the Interfaith Action Community is to provide for ourselves and the faith communities and traditions to which we belong (or with which we identify) opportunities to 


      - CELEBRATE our traditions' similarities and differences

      - FEEL a sense of unity among our faith communities

      - GROW personal friendships with each other


We do this through actions of education, shared prayer, and joint service.

Inspired by our individual faith traditions and beliefs, we do these things for the betterment of ourselves and each other, our communities, and society.

A Call to Action

     "Flour instead of Flowers, Sugar in place of Candy"

The Interfaith Action Community and it’s member churches, masjid, temple, synagogue, etc. and it’s supporters raised over $ 7,000 for the Chester County Food Bank. This kicks off our season of focusing on action for food access and against all hunger.  

You can view our video explaining several faith traditions’ responses to hunger.  

Additional Information and Links

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          Brief Explanation of the IAC

          Civil Conversation Project

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