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The Jewish tradition of learning - is learning.

Adam chose knowledge instead of immortality.

                                              --- Elie Wiesel

Life Long Learning

One Saturday each month, Rabbi Cutler leads an interactive Life Long Learning discussion in place of our regularly scheduled Saturday morning service. Topics include contemporary issues, Jewish text study, observances and rituals, holidays, and history.

Basic Judaism

Twice a month, Rabbi Cutler offers this class exploring all aspects of Judaism as a religion - Shabbat, Kashrut, Holidays, Ethics, etc.

Adult Bar and Bat Mitzvah

Rabbi Cutler will work with individuals and groups in preparation for an adult Bar or Bat Mitzvah.

Adult Hebrew Class

We offer a basic Hebrew class with a focus on how to read prayers.


Click here to email Rabbi Cutler and learn more about any of our Adult Education programs.

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