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Beth Israel

Welcome to the Beth Israel Family!

Welcome to the Beth Israel Community

A great synagogue should offer a warm, safe place to meet with friends and family, and it should be a force for good in the community. At Beth Israel, our members come from a wide variety of backgrounds and you will see that we have something for everyone. 

We believe the best way for you to become part of Beth Israel’s community is to join us for services, programs, and events. Get to know us by talking with our members and our leadership; learn more about our congregation. Our doors are open to everyone; you are welcome to visit us and participate in our services and programs at any time. Someone will be ready to meet you, show you around, and introduce you to others.


At Beth Israel, we are committed to our belief that financial concerns should never be a barrier to membership. We want to find a place for anyone who wants to join us. We have adopted a Sustaining Shares Model to determine membership contributions. This means everyone can experience the benefits of membership, regardless of what you give. We know from experience that there are also gifts of the hands that help maintain the congregation by participating, helping, being actively involved, and sharing your time and expertise. Click here to learn more about Beth Israel's new "Sustaining Shares Model".


We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to the Beth Israel community. We hope you will choose to make us part of your family and join us to make a difference for the future.


For more information about everything Beth Israel offers, please call us at 610-458-8550, or email us at We’d love to meet with you, show you what we have to offer, and answer any of your questions. We look forward to hearing from you.

Please click on the link to download our application. After completing the form, simply email it to

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