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Acts of kindness never die.

They linger in the memory, giving life to other acts in return.

- Chief Rabbi of UK Jonathan Sacks

Rabbi’s Emergency Fun – in early 2020, we received a $2000 grant from the Jewish Federation of Philadelphia (WONDERFUL SUPPORT!).  If there are those in need, please contact Rabbi Jon Cutler via the form below.  The fund is meant to help with rent, healthcare, food, etc. for those in need.  This stays confidential. 


For members of Beth Israel Congregation:  If you personally need assistance from this fund, supermarket gift cards, food, finances, we would like to help.  Contact Rabbi Jon Cutler using THIS FORM.  Thank you.  Call the office to relay any messages to Rabbi. 

The Beth Israel Congregation HESED Team



A joyful open invitation to you – participate with Beth Israel’s HESED team.  Contact Rabbi Jon


The HESED team was formed to facilitate projects that help our congregation live out the Jewish tradition of HESED, lovingkindness, Tikkun Olam, healing the world.  We partner with all other congregation organization such as the religious school, sisterhood, preschool, the chavurah, etc. on programs that help build a more just community. 


Some of the projects include:


Jewish Holiday Cards for US Armed Servicepersons

We periodically ask all Beth Israel Congregation to create a HOLIDAY CARD for Jewish soldiers
of the US Armed Services. Please click here for the most recent request.


Mitzvah Circle Supply Deliveries

Some of our congregations works monthly with Mitzvah Circle in partnership with Kesher Israel congregation, to deliver needed supplies to local service agencies. 


For example, loading, driving and delivering diapers and other health products to St. Agnes Church and Act in Faith, both in West Chester.  Please see mitzvahcircle.org for more information about this local non-profit doing important work.  Also, information on two recipient agencies can be found at https://saintagnesparish.org/st-agnes-day-room-1 and at https://www.actinfaithgwc.org/


Franklin Elementary Holiday Gift Drive

Beth Israel has adopted the Kindergarten and Pre-K classes at Franklin Elementary School in
Pottstown for a Holiday Gift Drive. We’ll continue to interface with this school that is in an
underfunded public school district.


Safe Harbor Shelter

We will continue to keep an eye on the needs at Safe Harbor.  Safe Harbor conducted their major annual fund raiser in November, 2020 during the COVID 19 lockdown.  One member took on the project of assembling 50 gift bags that were used in the fundraiser.  Information is at https://safeharborofgwc.org     Click Here to see pictures


For any questions or suggestions for our Beth Israel HESED Team, please contact Rabbi Cutler.