Kadima is our youth programs for third to seventh grades. It offers our young members an opportunity to socialize with other Jewish youths, informal Jewish education, perform mitzvot and reinforce what it means to be a member of the Synagogue. Each grade has a representative that speaks for that grade level in planning activities. There are monthly activities that the members help plan. The activities vary. There will be Shul-in’s, participating in services, and involvement in regional activities, which is a great opportunity to meet Jewish youths in the greater community. Kadima also serves a bagel breakfast weekly to both the religious school students and parents/members. This is both a fundraiser and an opportunity for Kadima to provide a service to the Synagogue.

Kadima’s theme is Tzedakah begins at home. In addition to all the fun activities that are planned for this year the kids will be actively learning about what it means to be members at a Synagogue, so look for them to be hosting Onegs, participating in and attending Services, helping with grounds maintenance, and other activities that they are asked to do.