Interfaith Action Community

Interfaith Action Community

The Interfaith Action Community is a group of congregations and faith communities (among them are Beth Israel, St. Matthew’s Lutheran Church, Islamic Society of Chester County, St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, St. Elizabeth Roman Catholic Church, St. Paul’s United Church of Christ, Downingtown Friends Meeting, the Lionville YMCA, Bahá'í Faith, etc.) coming together to educate each other on our faith traditions, learn about our similarities, celebrate the differences, and to cooperate on religious action project such as on homelessness in our community, alleviating hunger, etc.


The mission of the Interfaith Action Community is to provide for ourselves and the faith communities and traditions to which we belong (or with which we identify) opportunities to 

      -  CELEBRATE our traditions' similarities and differences

      -  FEEL a sense of unity among our faith communities

      - GROW personal friendships with each other

We do this through actions of education, shared prayer and joint service.

Inspired by our individual faith traditions and beliefs, we do these things for the betterment of ourselves and each other, our communities and society.  

NOTE:  OUR NEXT EVENT for 2018/2019 ---> Thurs. Dec. 13, 7:00PM .    Sacred Text Discussion: Islam - Quran and Hadith.  RSVP is required.   All are welcome.  Location: ISCC 1001 Pottstown Pike, West Chester .  Click Here

Past programs have included:

Interfaith Dialogue and Iftar Supper hosted by St. Elizabeth Catholic Church

St. Matthews Lutheran Church special service program and Open House 

UNITY SHABBAT at Beth Israel (and interfaith shabbat service)

St. Andrews Episcopal Church Open House

Hari Om Mandir open house

Downingtown Friends Meeting Open House

St. Paul's United Church of Christ Open House

Interfaith Service Day of Hope at five homelessness service organizations

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