Fire & Ice Spring Fundraiser

Hello good friends, here is a well-known fact;
Opposites at times repel, though most often attract

Have we so artfully grabbed the attention of you?
Or do we need another rhyme line or two?

Beth Israel means the sun, moon & stars to so many;
But without a good fundraiser we have narry a penny

We look to you and your friends this time each year;
Seeking financial support for a need that is clear

Great programs, school, sisterhood, choir, community; Please know what a contribution means to this entity

                                   Mark off your calendar, April 22nd, 7pm, plan to attend;                                        A fun night for you, call a sitter and go grab a friend!


Pay by April 10th, $50 admits 1 plus a Raffle Ticket
Does 3 Raffle Tickets sound too good to be true? Go $125, and be a Fire Starter, woo hoo!
Perhaps a Flame Thrower to help us blaze our way? $250 earns 5 Raffle Tickets to brighten your day!
Is building an Ice Castle more of your thing? $500 admits 5 plus 8 Raffle Tickets, your brass ring!
And of course we present the title Glacier Guardian, $1000 per table, 10 Raffle Tix, big chance to win!


 We cannot be shy, we really must ask…

Please dig deep to help Beth Israel complete our annual task.
Although this is a fundraiser as we’ve made it clear;
It wouldn’t be possible without having you here…
RSVP by April 10, 2017 – pay by check or online by Credit Card


Tickets & Sponsorships