Tzedakah is a mitzvah, a unique privilege granted to every Jew. Remembering friends and family in this manner is an appropriate way to show our feelings to-wards both our loved ones and our community. Below is a list of funds to which you can donate.

Cohen Religious School Enrichment Fund

The donations to this fund help to inspire and enrich Judaism into the lives of our congregants as well as the surrounding Jewish community. We create and join in programs such as Shabbat Across America in which we had over 140 guests from our congregation and our community join us for a FREE Friday night Shabbat Dinner Experience. We created Sukkot Under the Stars and Hanukkah Hooplah for Beth Israel Families and the unaffiliated. Our enthusiasm is unbridled in the programming and outreach we can achieve. Please check back often to see our features on the website of upcoming events.

Please help us reach our annual goal of $5000 by 12/31/2017, which will be generously matched.

Other Donation Funds
 Building Fund

 Chertok Youth and Scholarship Funds (Trustees)

 Choir Fund

 Lecture Series

 L’dor V’dor Fund

 Kids Helping Kids

 Mitzvah Meal Fund (Sisterhood)

 Prayer Books Preschool Fund

 Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund

 Sisterhood (general donations)

 Sisterhood – floral fund

 Tree of Life (Leaf) Yahrzeits

When you choose to donate please enter the fund name for your contribution in the line where it asks to add special instructions to the seller.