b.i. high

B.I. High

For 9th - 12th graders - Open for the whole Jewish Community

At Beth Israel, we are very excited to offer high school aged students the opportunity to participate in a unique program offered at Beth Israel Cohen Family Religious School: B.I. High. The program is open to all Jewish teens, 9th through 12th grade. The group meets monthly on Sundays from 1:00 – 3:00 pm, September through May, led by qualified staff that will enrich your child’s Judaic experiences along with their Jewish peer relationships. There are no academic requirements – this is not a traditional “school” type of experience. Topics for discussion will be pertinent for today’s Jewish teens; activities will include tikkun olam (mitzvah) projects, cooking, outside trips and experiences, guest speakers, and socializing.
The nature and intention of this modern approach and curriculum provide us a forum in which to keep our teens connected to Judaism, during this transitional period of their personal development, beyond the end of traditional religious school. We look forward to having your children join us in this innovative program. We welcome any suggestions for discussion topics or activities from both the teens and their families.
Please contact us with any questions or to register by calling Beth Israel at 610-458-8550 or emailing our Education Director at SHARPJOANIE@Yahoo.com  Let us know if your high school student will join us for the fun!